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Unboxing iPad Pro 9.7″ And Apple Pencil With Hands-On

The iPad Pro was a significant change for the iPad line when it was first unveiled at 12.9″ in November 2015. In March 2016, Apple updated the iPad Air 2 with the 9.7″ iPad Pro. For the most part, it’s a very similar device, but with an updated chipset. The 9.7″ iPad Pro also benefits with the ability to connect to the Apple Pencil and Apple keyboard. The new model offers a true tone display, as well as a four speaker audio system for an upgraded $599 price tag at the entry level. We recently came across a 9.7″ iPad Pro and Apple Pencil combo allowing us to go hands on with an unboxing iPad Pro video.

Opening the 9.7″ iPad Pro doesn’t reveal much different than the iPad Air 2 from the outset. The true tone display is tough to really notice at first glance, though the speaker enhancements are appreciated. The main distinguisher is support for the Apple Pencil. There are plenty of third party styluses for the iPad, but none work as smoothly as the Apple Pencil. You will definitely benefit if you like to draw, but even if you don’t, you will likely be enticed to do so. Another surprising boost is for writers, especially for jotting down notes, or brainstorming ideas. A number of apps support the Apple Pencil including a lot of note taking apps that just feel more natural as you write, rather than type. The Apple Pencil battery lasts and lasts with easy connectivity to the lightning port of the iPad. It feels great in the hand, and definitely enhances specific use cases for the iPad.

Enjoy our unboxing video below of the 9.7″ iPad Pro and Apple Pencil.

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Infinity Crates Unboxing Video & Review: June 2016 Respawn Theme

Infinity Crates is a UK based monthly subscription service that services multiple countries including the US. It’s another geek & gamer box along the lines of Loot Crate and Super Geek Box, just UK based. Infinity Crates also personalizes some of the bigger items each month based on user preferences, and guarantees a T-Shirt and Funko Pop vinyl in each crate. We’re here to unbox the June 2016 Premium box with the theme Respawn. There are items connected to Mario, Deadpool, Captain America Civil War, and more.

Infinity Crates comes in two sizes with Classic and Premium, and all prices are in British Pounds. The Classic Crate is £16.99 plus £9 for shipping, which comes to $34.02 for the U.S. The Premium Crate is £23.99 plus the same shipping for $43.19 to the U.S.

We received the Premium Infinity Crates box, and it comes with a premium cost at $43.19 at the time of writing. We expected a premium box, and we were not disappointed. These subscription boxes can blend together a bit, but we still always look for a good shirt design and a Funko Pop in any given box. This month’s Infinity Crate delivered two t-shirts, and a Funko Pop with the second shirt mainly determining the premium designation.

The first t-shirt is of Deadpool with a playing card style design on a white backdrop that allows for Deadpool’s red suit to really stand out. The second shirt is Gandalf’s Eagles in school pride style. The Eagles in The Hobbit film are a bit humorous in their timing, and it’s a nice shirt to depict that sequence. It’s worth noting that both of these shirts shrunk a lot in the wash, so it’s best to get one size larger than you normally wear. The Funko Pop is current with the Captain America Civil War version of Bucky Barnes, the Winter Soldier. It’s a nice common Pop for any Marvel fan.

Beyond the big guaranteed items, there are some surprisingly great smaller items in this month’s crate. First off is a Deadpool plush that is bigger than the Mopeez brand, but with a similar design. There was also an Avengers Trivia card game included as a surprising bonus. The ultimate highlight for this Infinity Crate for me was the Mario cap. It’s a great stylized cap that is puffy just like Mario’s actual hat, as compared to a baseball cap. There’s a puff, and yet, the cap still includes an elastic band to fit snuggly on your head. It might be my favorite item that has appeared in any monthly subscription box.

The Infinity Crates June 2016 Premium box delivers true value for the price. It comes at a premium, but at least delivers a premium collection of items. You need to understand the premium price going in, but it is definitely is worth subscribing to if you take into account the cost going in.

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