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Super Geek Box Unboxing Video & Review: June 2016 Villains Theme

The Super Geek June 2016 theme is Villains with connections to Star Wars, Zelda, Mario, and more. We’re here to unbox all that’s included to show off the $20/month geek/gamer box for the new month. Our Super Geek Box unboxing:

Super Geek Box ($19.92/Recurring)*
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This is our first time unboxing Super Geek Box, so we weren’t sure what to expect beyond 5-8 items tied to the theme. The June 2016 theme is villains, and the definite stand out is the t-shirt. It presents a mash-up of Zelda and Star Wars, entitled, “Welcome To The Dark Side”. Link is seen carrying a red lightsaber in the foreground with Darth Vader’s silhouette in the background combined with the Death Star and TIE fighters. This might be my favorite shirt that has come in any subscription box with great artwork, mash-up idea, and theme appeal.

Beyond the shirt, there are five additional small items, each with their own neat aspect. The Funko Mopeez could have been one of six with either Joker, Herley Quinn, or one of four colored Deadpools. We got the grey Deadpool plushie, that has a nice bean bag base to sit upright by itself. Then, there’s the TR8R draw string canvas bag that combines the FN-2187 blood streak stormtrooper helmet with Dry Bones from the Mario universe. Speaking of Mario, there’s also a Chomp Chomp keychain, and who doesn’t love Chomp Chomp. One other small item is a Harley Queen playing card styled sticker. Finally, there’s a canvas minimalistic wallet that folds in half, and comes with Meowth from Pokemon.

The June 2016 Super Geek Box delivers a great collection of items that definitely offers the stated value, and is well worth the $20 price tag.

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