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Nerd Block Unboxing Video: July 2016 Squad Theme

The Nerd Block July 2016 theme is Squad with connections to Suicide Squad, Ghostbusters, and more. We’re here to unbox all that’s included to show off the $20/month geek/gamer box for the new month. Our Nerd Block unboxing:

Nerd Block ($20/Recurring +shipping)

Nerd Block and Loot Crate are the two biggest names in the geek/gamer monthly subscription space, and go head to head each month. For July 2016, Nerd Block includes five main items beginning with a Joker Plush based on Suicide Squad. It’s an exclusive, though the design and texture aren’t the best of plush figures out there. Continuing the Suicide Squad theme is an exclusive Harley Quinn Funko Pocket Pop. Pocket Pops are keychain versions of Funko Pops, and the exclusive is a black and white variant of Harley Quinn. The Pocket Pop is a stand out in this box.

The highlight is probably the t-shirt, which is all about Zuul from Ghostbusters with the tagline, “There Is Only Zuul”. It’s another black shirt in these mystery boxes, but it’s a nice design for fans of the original Ghostbusters. The shirt theme is extended thanks to the $10 Shirt Punch credit that is included in every Nerd Block. Shirtpunch.com has three daily $10 shirts that fit in with the same themes as Nerd Block. A couple smaller items are included in this month’s Nerd Block. The first is Attack on Titan blind bag, which gives you a mystery chance at a keychain/backpack hanger figurine. To round it out, there’s a Transformers Autobot pin, and it’s another exclusive.

Our unboxing video includes a few additional items as part of a Welcome Box, as this was our first time subscribing to Nerd Block. The items were simply added in to the main Nerd Block box beginning with a Titans figure two pack from Alien. The 2 pack includes blood splattered Alien alongside Ripley in Titan forms, and the 2 pack is a Nerd Block exclusive. Titan figures aren’t quite Funko Pops, but they have their own appealing design aesthetic that’s great to have. The next item is a Super Mario Bros. magnet set allowing you to make your own Mario levels on your fridge complete with bricks, pipes, goombas, and more. Finally, there’s a postcard booklet of Awkward Family photos, like a daughter kicking a soccer ball into her dad’s groin. There are 35 postcards included, and it’s a fun little bonus.

Nerd Block July 2016 delivers what you expect with these mystery boxes with a shirt, and a few collectible figurines. The choices definitely fit the theme, and are worth displaying/wearing. Nerd Block offers good value this month.

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