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Funko PopsUnboxing

Funko Pop Unboxing Melisandre Exlusive and Mrs. Potts & Chip

Funko Pops are fun minimalistic designed versions of well known pop culture entities. The main Funko Pop style is a 3.75″ vinyl figurine with big eyes, minimal facial expression, and distinctive details to represent the given character. Today, we’re unboxing two new Funko Pops to add to our collection. We picked them both up at our local Barnes & Noble, and the first one is a Barnes & Noble Exclusive. It’s Melisandre from Game of Thrones, and the exclusive nature offers a subtly translucent style to her red dress. The second Pop is of Mrs. Potts & Chip from Beauty and the Beast. Enjoy our Funko Pop unboxing video below.

The B&N exclusive Funko Pop Melisandre really looks good with a light background, and nice lighting where you’re displaying it. The translucent nature looks great, and it’s an exclusive that offers worthwhile distinction from the standard Melisandre. The Mrs. Potts & Chip Funko Pop is a nice one as Mrs. Potts is about the size of Melisandre, and you get the bonus Chip included. Chip is super cute in its small stature, and Chip is a stand out in the Disney catalog for cuteness.

We hope you enjoyed our Funko Pop unboxing, and we will have more coming soon.

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