The Loot Crate May 2016 theme is Power with connections to Marvel, Warcraft, and more. We’re here to unbox all that’s included to show off the $20/month geek/gamer box for the new month. Our Loot Crate unboxing:

Loot Crate ($20/Recurring)

The big geek & gamer release of May 2016 is Captain America: Civil War. Loot Crate offered a Marvel connection this month with Thanos’ Infinity Glove oven Mitt and a QFig Hulk. The oven glove might be the best piece of this month’s crate with the power of the infinity stones, while you cook. QFigs are high quality creations, and we last saw one in February with Deadpool. The Hulk figurine depicts a nice action pose, though it’s not quite a Funko Pop.

The t-shirt of this month’s box is a silhouetted image based on the upcoming Warcraft movie, that also ties directly to the gaming pedigree. It might have been better to get a Marvel based t-shirt with an extra item based on Warcraft, rather than the other way around. The final piece of the crate is a Dragonball Z plush key chain accessory. It’s the first Dragonball Z item in Loot Crate, and it’s a nice depiction of the series. There are only four items in this month’s loot crate, as there’s an emphasis on quality over quantity. The range of items might not be for everyone, but the theme is used well. It would have been nice to see more timely Marvel items, but the items that are included are definitely good. This month’s crate isn’t the best or worse loot crate, but it’s fun to open.

loot_crate_may16_ - 1

Posted by Trevor