The theme for the Loot Crate July 2017 is animation with connections to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Rick & Morty, Futurama, and more. Loot Crate had an animation theme in the middle of 2016 with similar franchises represented. How does the 2017 edition rate?

Loot Crate ($20/Recurring)

The Crate stand outs begin with the t-shirt of the month which is TMNT inspired. It’s a green shirt with the turtle van set in neon green at the bottom right. The real stand out is the turtle shell print that span the entire front of the shirt to make a great item to wear to show your TMNT fandom. The figure this month comes from Rick & Morty with Rick shown flipping the bird on both hands. It’s a great depiction of Rick that is a nice definer of the character. The pose comes from season 2 episode 6 in which Rick has a planet that powers his ships battery, and he has told the inhabitants that flipping off means, “peace among worlds”.

Also included in this month’s crate is a recipe collection inspired by Bob’s Burgers. There are 25 burger of the day recipes included, and the crate unfolds to hold a recipe. To round out the crate, there’s a two pack of soda can Koozies with Slurm branding straight out of Futurama.

The July 2017 Loot Crate delivers exceptionally well on the animation theme with some outstanding items to add to your collection.

Posted by Trevor