Funko Pops are fun minimalistic designed versions of well known pop culture entities. The main Funko Pop style is a 3.75″ vinyl figurine with big eyes, minimal facial expression, and distinctive details to represent the given character. Today, we have a new Funko Pop unboxing for you with two new Funko Pops to add to our collection. Both are exclusives from Khol’s and Wal-Mart, respectively.

The first Pop is Captain America with Photon Shield that is made for Captain America’s 75th anniversary, and it’s a Khol’s Exclusive. Khol’s doesn’t sell the most Pops, so this Pop is relatively tough to track down. The Pop takes cues from the classic comic book style of Captain America with the wings on the cap, simple costume, and the relatively dark blue outfit. The shield is the main distinguisher, and it offers a translucent style. Like other Marvel Pops, there’s the bobble head, though all be told, it’s not the most advanced variant that Funko has released.

The second Pop is Kylo Ren Unmaksed, which is a Wal-Mart exclusive. Funko has made standard Kylo, Unhooded Kylo, and now Unmasked Kylo to give you a look at his face. Unmasked Kylo takes the same stance as the standard Kylo, just with his face and black hair showing. It’s worth noting that Funko is releasing a new Battle Damage Kylo Ren in the June/July window. Battle Damage Kylo looks just like Unmaksed Kylo, but with a different in-action pose. Unmasked Kylo is another variant of the original, while Battle Damage Kylo is a new number in the Star Wars set. Unmaksed Kylo features the bobble head and black stand of the Star Wars series, and fits Kylo in the latter fourth of the movie.

We hope you enjoyed our Funko Pop unboxing, and we will have more coming soon.

funkopops_cap_kylo - 1

Posted by Trevor