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Star Wars Smuggler’s Bounty Unboxing Video: July 2016 Jabba’s Palace Theme

Monthly mystery boxes with pop culture connections are becoming more and more prevalent. A number of them include Funko Pops as one of the included items, and Funko has leveraged that to make their own monthly subscription boxes. They have three monthly boxes with Marvel Collector Corps, Star Wars Smuggler’s Bounty, and DC Legion of Collectors. Each box offers a bi-monthly subscription that retails for $25 plus $6.95 shipping. The Star Wars Smuggler’s Bounty July 2016 theme is Jabba’s Palace, and here is all that’s included.

Star Wars Smuggler’s Bounty ($25/bi-monthly + shipping)

Every Smuggler’s Bounty box includes various Funko lines, and not just Funko Pops, though the exclusive Pops are the highlight. The July 2016 Pop is R2-D2 bartender from Jabba’s sail barge. The R2 pop isn’t technically even from Jabba’s Palace, but it does deliver a really neat mold. There are a lot of details in the drink tray apparatus to accent the nature of R2 in Pop form. The disappointment isn’t in the R2 Pop, but rather than there is only one pop, rather than two. The Bounty Hunters, Cantina, and First Order boxes all featured two Pops, and were well worth the price. Also, the Jabba’s Palace theme makes you think of Han in Carbonite or Lando in Disguise, but neither were included.

Beyond the Pop, this month’s box included a C-3PO themed hat as part of the new Funko Pop Tops line. It seems the hat was included rather than the expected T-shirt further increasing the disappointment. For the main Jabba’s Palace item, it’s a Pop Home! Jabba mug that offers a neat design, but a rather awkward drinking cup. Finally, there’s a plush Boba Fett, which is another new line, this one Plush as compared to Funko’s existing Mopeez line. Each Funko box also features a pin and a patch with the ones in this box featuring Gamorrean Guard and Boushh, respectively.

The July 2016 Smuggler’s Bounty may be the worst from Funko yet because it fails on the promise of the theme, and offers an odd collection of items. Funko’s best boxes have featured two Pops and a T-shirt as shown by the Bounty Hunters, Cantina, and First Order themes. Jabba’s Palace offers a Cup and Plush in place of the second Pop and a hat instead of a T-shirt. The replacements in the formula of two pops and a shirt are substandard in comparison. Most people wear shirts rather than hats, and more people collect Pops than mugs and plushes, especially when signed up for a Funko product. It makes sense that Funko is experimenting with new lines, but the experimentation should be just one at a time in addition to two pops and a shirt, rather than three experimentations in one box.

Star Wars Smuggler’s Bounty Jabba’s Palace is not worth the $32 price tag, and is a negative on Funko’s track record that will likely lower subscribers of the next box in September.

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Nerd Block Unboxing Video: July 2016 Squad Theme

The Nerd Block July 2016 theme is Squad with connections to Suicide Squad, Ghostbusters, and more. We’re here to unbox all that’s included to show off the $20/month geek/gamer box for the new month. Our Nerd Block unboxing:

Nerd Block ($20/Recurring +shipping)

Nerd Block and Loot Crate are the two biggest names in the geek/gamer monthly subscription space, and go head to head each month. For July 2016, Nerd Block includes five main items beginning with a Joker Plush based on Suicide Squad. It’s an exclusive, though the design and texture aren’t the best of plush figures out there. Continuing the Suicide Squad theme is an exclusive Harley Quinn Funko Pocket Pop. Pocket Pops are keychain versions of Funko Pops, and the exclusive is a black and white variant of Harley Quinn. The Pocket Pop is a stand out in this box.

The highlight is probably the t-shirt, which is all about Zuul from Ghostbusters with the tagline, “There Is Only Zuul”. It’s another black shirt in these mystery boxes, but it’s a nice design for fans of the original Ghostbusters. The shirt theme is extended thanks to the $10 Shirt Punch credit that is included in every Nerd Block. has three daily $10 shirts that fit in with the same themes as Nerd Block. A couple smaller items are included in this month’s Nerd Block. The first is Attack on Titan blind bag, which gives you a mystery chance at a keychain/backpack hanger figurine. To round it out, there’s a Transformers Autobot pin, and it’s another exclusive.

Our unboxing video includes a few additional items as part of a Welcome Box, as this was our first time subscribing to Nerd Block. The items were simply added in to the main Nerd Block box beginning with a Titans figure two pack from Alien. The 2 pack includes blood splattered Alien alongside Ripley in Titan forms, and the 2 pack is a Nerd Block exclusive. Titan figures aren’t quite Funko Pops, but they have their own appealing design aesthetic that’s great to have. The next item is a Super Mario Bros. magnet set allowing you to make your own Mario levels on your fridge complete with bricks, pipes, goombas, and more. Finally, there’s a postcard booklet of Awkward Family photos, like a daughter kicking a soccer ball into her dad’s groin. There are 35 postcards included, and it’s a fun little bonus.

Nerd Block July 2016 delivers what you expect with these mystery boxes with a shirt, and a few collectible figurines. The choices definitely fit the theme, and are worth displaying/wearing. Nerd Block offers good value this month.

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Infinity Crates Unboxing Video & Review: June 2016 Respawn Theme

Infinity Crates is a UK based monthly subscription service that services multiple countries including the US. It’s another geek & gamer box along the lines of Loot Crate and Super Geek Box, just UK based. Infinity Crates also personalizes some of the bigger items each month based on user preferences, and guarantees a T-Shirt and Funko Pop vinyl in each crate. We’re here to unbox the June 2016 Premium box with the theme Respawn. There are items connected to Mario, Deadpool, Captain America Civil War, and more.

Infinity Crates comes in two sizes with Classic and Premium, and all prices are in British Pounds. The Classic Crate is £16.99 plus £9 for shipping, which comes to $34.02 for the U.S. The Premium Crate is £23.99 plus the same shipping for $43.19 to the U.S.

We received the Premium Infinity Crates box, and it comes with a premium cost at $43.19 at the time of writing. We expected a premium box, and we were not disappointed. These subscription boxes can blend together a bit, but we still always look for a good shirt design and a Funko Pop in any given box. This month’s Infinity Crate delivered two t-shirts, and a Funko Pop with the second shirt mainly determining the premium designation.

The first t-shirt is of Deadpool with a playing card style design on a white backdrop that allows for Deadpool’s red suit to really stand out. The second shirt is Gandalf’s Eagles in school pride style. The Eagles in The Hobbit film are a bit humorous in their timing, and it’s a nice shirt to depict that sequence. It’s worth noting that both of these shirts shrunk a lot in the wash, so it’s best to get one size larger than you normally wear. The Funko Pop is current with the Captain America Civil War version of Bucky Barnes, the Winter Soldier. It’s a nice common Pop for any Marvel fan.

Beyond the big guaranteed items, there are some surprisingly great smaller items in this month’s crate. First off is a Deadpool plush that is bigger than the Mopeez brand, but with a similar design. There was also an Avengers Trivia card game included as a surprising bonus. The ultimate highlight for this Infinity Crate for me was the Mario cap. It’s a great stylized cap that is puffy just like Mario’s actual hat, as compared to a baseball cap. There’s a puff, and yet, the cap still includes an elastic band to fit snuggly on your head. It might be my favorite item that has appeared in any monthly subscription box.

The Infinity Crates June 2016 Premium box delivers true value for the price. It comes at a premium, but at least delivers a premium collection of items. You need to understand the premium price going in, but it is definitely is worth subscribing to if you take into account the cost going in.

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Funko Pop Unboxing Captain America & Kylo Ren Exclusives

Funko Pops are fun minimalistic designed versions of well known pop culture entities. The main Funko Pop style is a 3.75″ vinyl figurine with big eyes, minimal facial expression, and distinctive details to represent the given character. Today, we have a new Funko Pop unboxing for you with two new Funko Pops to add to our collection. Both are exclusives from Khol’s and Wal-Mart, respectively.

The first Pop is Captain America with Photon Shield that is made for Captain America’s 75th anniversary, and it’s a Khol’s Exclusive. Khol’s doesn’t sell the most Pops, so this Pop is relatively tough to track down. The Pop takes cues from the classic comic book style of Captain America with the wings on the cap, simple costume, and the relatively dark blue outfit. The shield is the main distinguisher, and it offers a translucent style. Like other Marvel Pops, there’s the bobble head, though all be told, it’s not the most advanced variant that Funko has released.

The second Pop is Kylo Ren Unmaksed, which is a Wal-Mart exclusive. Funko has made standard Kylo, Unhooded Kylo, and now Unmasked Kylo to give you a look at his face. Unmasked Kylo takes the same stance as the standard Kylo, just with his face and black hair showing. It’s worth noting that Funko is releasing a new Battle Damage Kylo Ren in the June/July window. Battle Damage Kylo looks just like Unmaksed Kylo, but with a different in-action pose. Unmasked Kylo is another variant of the original, while Battle Damage Kylo is a new number in the Star Wars set. Unmaksed Kylo features the bobble head and black stand of the Star Wars series, and fits Kylo in the latter fourth of the movie.

We hope you enjoyed our Funko Pop unboxing, and we will have more coming soon.

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Loot Crate Unboxing Video: June 2016 Dystopia Theme

The Loot Crate June 2016 theme is Dystopia with connections to Terminator, Fallout, The Matrix, and more. We’re here to unbox all that’s included to show off the $20/month geek/gamer box for the new month. Our Loot Crate unboxing:

Loot Crate ($20/Recurring)

The June 2016 Loot Crate nails the theme, and covers each entertainment property that was teased. The past few months have emphasized fewer high quality items, but the June 2016 box goes back to the 2015 style of more items. The big item of the month is usually the t-shirt, and June offers a great print of Robocop. You don’t have the be a Robocop fan to appreciate the print. Now, instead of a Funko Pop figure, this month’s Loot Crate includes a Funko Dorbz. Dorbz is the newer, smaller, and less popular line of vinyl figures, and it instantly makes you think of a Pop instead. With that said, the Fallout Power Armor Dorbz really looks good, but it would be nice to have an exclusive, instead of a common.

Beyond the two big ticket items, there are three smaller items that definitely have appeal. The metal plate print for Terminator 2 might be my favorite item of the month, and it’s definitely worth hanging up. The metal aspect nails the Terminator theme, and there’s no fluff in the print beyond the skull. The Matrix puzzle is only 300 pieces, and the scene is from the later films, rather than the original. The puzzle is still worth putting together. Finally, there’s a blank key with a Bioshock Infinite theme. It doesn’t offer the most of the theme, but could be used daily.

The June 2016 Loot Crate offers good value, and a wide range of themed products. There could have been a few alterations to improve the overall box, but it’s definitely one of Loot Crate’s better efforts.

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Funko Pop Unboxing Melisandre Exlusive and Mrs. Potts & Chip

Funko Pops are fun minimalistic designed versions of well known pop culture entities. The main Funko Pop style is a 3.75″ vinyl figurine with big eyes, minimal facial expression, and distinctive details to represent the given character. Today, we’re unboxing two new Funko Pops to add to our collection. We picked them both up at our local Barnes & Noble, and the first one is a Barnes & Noble Exclusive. It’s Melisandre from Game of Thrones, and the exclusive nature offers a subtly translucent style to her red dress. The second Pop is of Mrs. Potts & Chip from Beauty and the Beast. Enjoy our Funko Pop unboxing video below.

The B&N exclusive Funko Pop Melisandre really looks good with a light background, and nice lighting where you’re displaying it. The translucent nature looks great, and it’s an exclusive that offers worthwhile distinction from the standard Melisandre. The Mrs. Potts & Chip Funko Pop is a nice one as Mrs. Potts is about the size of Melisandre, and you get the bonus Chip included. Chip is super cute in its small stature, and Chip is a stand out in the Disney catalog for cuteness.

We hope you enjoyed our Funko Pop unboxing, and we will have more coming soon.

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Loot Crate Unboxing Video: May 2016 Power Theme

The Loot Crate May 2016 theme is Power with connections to Marvel, Warcraft, and more. We’re here to unbox all that’s included to show off the $20/month geek/gamer box for the new month. Our Loot Crate unboxing:

Loot Crate ($20/Recurring)

The big geek & gamer release of May 2016 is Captain America: Civil War. Loot Crate offered a Marvel connection this month with Thanos’ Infinity Glove oven Mitt and a QFig Hulk. The oven glove might be the best piece of this month’s crate with the power of the infinity stones, while you cook. QFigs are high quality creations, and we last saw one in February with Deadpool. The Hulk figurine depicts a nice action pose, though it’s not quite a Funko Pop.

The t-shirt of this month’s box is a silhouetted image based on the upcoming Warcraft movie, that also ties directly to the gaming pedigree. It might have been better to get a Marvel based t-shirt with an extra item based on Warcraft, rather than the other way around. The final piece of the crate is a Dragonball Z plush key chain accessory. It’s the first Dragonball Z item in Loot Crate, and it’s a nice depiction of the series. There are only four items in this month’s loot crate, as there’s an emphasis on quality over quantity. The range of items might not be for everyone, but the theme is used well. It would have been nice to see more timely Marvel items, but the items that are included are definitely good. This month’s crate isn’t the best or worse loot crate, but it’s fun to open.

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Topps Star Wars Force Awakens Series 2 Trading Cards Unboxing Video

We unboxed Star Wars The Force Awakens Series 1 when the film hit theaters. Now, with the DVD/blu-ray release, there’s series 2 to unbox. The set continues the story of the movie for the base cards, and offers all new inserts to pull. We have another blaster box that contains 10 packs with six cards each, plus one medallion card. The set features 101 cards to continue where Series 1 left off, and the insert sets including Concept Art, Movie Posters, Heroes of the Resistance, Power of the First Order, and more. The Blaster Box can be found at your local Target or Wal-Mart, and retails for $19.99 as compared to the $135 price on the hobby box. Rare cards are at much higher odds, but it’s a great way to collect the main set.

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Loot Crate Unboxing Video: April 2016 Quest Theme

The Loot Crate April 2016 theme is Quest with connections to Uncharted 4, Harry Potter, and more. We’re here to unbox all that’s included to show off the $20/month geek/gamer box for the new month. Our Loot Crate unboxing:

Loot Crate ($20/Recurring)

Loot Crate has started 2016 strong with great collections in January, February, and March. Their streak ended in April with a relatively disappointing crate. The quest theme has a lot of potential, and yet the selections this month mostly miss the mark. The Uncharted item as a small poster and the Harry Potter item as socks provide two small extras tied to the big names for the theme. This month’s t-shirt is from the movie Labyrinth, and while it’s nice to honor David Bowie, it’s a relatively niche film that doesn’t hit the quest theme as much as many other franchises. The Vikings drinking cup and the 20 sided dice ice cube maker are neat, but I don’t know if many will get much use out of. The neat factor of each item will wear off quickly.

January, February, and March really nailed their respective themes with products that offer long term use. They may have set the bar high, but the April 2016 Loot Crate doesn’t even come close.

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Loot Crate March 2016 Vs Theme: Unboxing Video

The Loot Crate March 2016 theme is Versus in honor of Batman vs Superman hitting theaters. We’re here to unbox all that’s included to show off the $20/month geek/gamer box for the new month.

Loot Crate ($20/Recurring)

This month’s Loot Create nailed the theme highlighted by the Star Trek “Mirror Mirror” episode t-shirt. There’s nothing quite like Spock against goatee Spock, and the art style fits the era so well. The Alien or Predator Titan figure is a high quality piece that is definitely shelf worthy. The reversible beanie for Daredevil and Punisher is nice and timely with season 2 of Daredevil on Netflix. The only real negative is the Batman Vs Superman item. The wallet is nice, but it seemed Batman vs Superman would play a bigger role in this month’s loot crate.

All in all, Loot Crate has delivered items with lasting appeal through the first three months of 2016.

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