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Loot Crate March 2017 Unboxing Video: Primal Theme

The Loot Crate March 2017 theme is Primal with connections to Overwatch, Logan, Jurassic World, and more. We’re here to unbox all that’s included to show off the $20/month geek/gamer box for the new month. Our Loot Crate unboxing:

Loot Crate ($20/Recurring)

Loot Crate has started 2017 strong with great showings in January and February. Can they keep it going? The March 2017 edition includes four main items along with the usual flier and pin. The main item each month is a t-shirt, and this month’s shirt is all about Overwatch. It’s a grey shirt with a big banner of “Primal Rage” across the chest. Primal Rage is a special mode for Winston, the big ape, and the shirt captures it. The shirt is definitely made for Overwatch fans to nail that theme, but the shirt doesn’t have the widest outside appeal compared to the other franchises in this crate.

The next main item is the figurine, and March 2017 includes a Metals Die Cast figure of Logan. You will receive either Old Man Logan, standard Logan, or Adamantium Logan. Metals Die Cast aren’t exactly Funko Pops in terms of popularity, QFigs in terms of styling, or KidRobot in terms of quality. They often end up on clearance shelves at your local big box store, but they still have their own unique style. You can’t go wrong with Logan in March, and the top heavy design of Metal Die Cast really fits him.

Two smaller items round out the crate beginning with a Jurassic World inspired sign. It’s a warning sign for the electric fences, and it’s great piece to define any of the Jurassic movies. Then, there’s a Predator bottle opener. It’s not the biggest item, but it gets the job done in a fun and recognizable form.

Loot Crate stumbles a bit for March 2017 with odd choices across the board. Overwatch for the t-shirt seems like an odd match, and relegating Predator to a bottle opener is a let down. There are better figure choices than Metals Die Cast, and it all adds together to be a disappointing crate.

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Loot Crate Unboxing Video: February 2017 Build Theme

The Loot Crate February 2017 theme is Build with connections to Power Rangers, Lego Batman, Tetris, and more. We’re here to unbox all that’s included to show off the $20/month geek/gamer box for the new month. Our Loot Crate unboxing:

Loot Crate ($20/Recurring)

Loot Crate is celebrating its five year anniversary, and they have grown considerably in that time. That means they need to find items that have large appeal, are trendy, and can be produced in tens of thousands to meet their demand. The February 2017 crate nails those aspects beginning with the one item that is included in every box. The t-shirt offers a Power Rangers theme with a blueprint depiction of the Megazord composition from the original Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers. The shirt helps subscribers get excited for the new movie, and its simply a high quality design that greatly depicts the best part of the franchise. It’s similar to the Voltron assembly shirt from January 2015, and changes it up with a good blue color instead of another black shirt.

The next big ticket item comes from the Lego Batman Movie to tie directly to the February release of the film. The item is a food container formed from a larger scale Lego Batman head. Whether you put food in it or not, the item offers a great design to be shelf worthy. There’s a tight seal lid in which the bat ears portion comes off, and it just represents the Lego Batman movie so well.

Next up, is a Lego Dimensions figure & vehicle set, and you can get one of five different ones. There is Wonder Woman, Cyborg, Bad Cop, Unikitty, and Benny (the one we got). Lego Dimensions is pretty hot, and getting a fully playable figure as an inclusion is a neat idea. If you don’t have Lego Dimensions, it’s still a neat Lego minifigure. To round out the crate, is a Tetris magnet set allowing you to compose your own Tetris arrangement on your fridge, or any metal surface. There’s also a Megazord pin, and online secret code key.

The February 2017 Loot Crate delvers good value for the theme, and for what’s happening in February. A focused solid entry with a few really good items rather than more subpar items.

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Loot Crate Unboxing Video: August 2016 Anti-Hero Theme

The Loot Crate August 2016 theme is Anti-Hero with connections to Suicide Squad, Archer, Kill Bill, and more. We’re here to unbox all that’s included to show off the $20/month geek/gamer box for the new month. Our Loot Crate unboxing:

Loot Crate ($20/Recurring)

Loot Crate has become quite popular, and with that comes added expectations. Not only that, but Loot Crate needs to find products that can be produced in the numbers to match their rise in popularity. Loot Crate has had ups and downs in 2016 as they try to deal with their increased presence in the monthly subscription space. The August 2016 edition of Loot Crate cuts down the number of items, and instead focuses on improved quality of those items. The first item is a pair of Kill Bill socks to give you a blood splattered rendition of The Bride’s yellow and black attire.

The next smaller item is a coin bank with a Hellboy theme. You can now drop coins into a ceramic version of Hellboy’s fist. Loot Crate likes to include one collectible figure each month, and they have include a few QFigs this year. This month’s figure is a QFig version of Harley Quinn based on her classic comic style, and included due to the release of Suicide Squad. The QFigs really stand out on a shelf with nice detail in a small package. Loot Crate also did a good job of planning this one out to predict that Harley Quinn would stand out in Suicide Squad. Not only that, but Loot Crate offers the classic version with people looking for more about the character.

Finally, there’s the t-shirt, and this one is all about Archer. It’s a grey shirt (not black!) that offers a 2016 election style. Sterling Archer is depicted as the president of The Danger Zone. The shirt has a catching design that nails the Archer style. All four items are appealing, and really fit with the theme. As an added bonus, all Loot Crates can be unfolded to show off an artistic representation of the theme. This one in particular is really neat as you can unfold the box into a Harley Quinn inspired mallet.

The August 2016 Loot Crate is one of the best of 2016 that delivers great value for the price.

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Marvel Collector Corps Unboxing Video: August 2016 Spider-Man Theme

Monthly mystery boxes with pop culture connections are becoming more and more prevalent. A number of them include Funko Pops as one of the included items, and Funko has leveraged that to make their own monthly subscription boxes. They have three monthly boxes with Marvel Collector Corps, Star Wars Smuggler’s Bounty, and DC Legion of Collectors. Each box offers a bi-monthly subscription that retails for $25 plus $6.95 shipping. The Marvel Collector Crops August 2016 theme is Spider-Man, and here is all that’s included.

Marvel Collector Corps ($25/bi-monthly + shipping)

Every Marvel Collector Crops (MCC) box includes various Funko lines, and not just Funko Pops, though the exclusive Pops are the highlight. The August 2016 Pop is action pose Spider-Man that shows the web-slinger in mid leap with a clear base stand to suspend the pop in air. The pop uses the Spider-Man design from the Captain America Civil War 4 pack with a clean suit design as compared to the black lines of the original Spider-Man pop. It would be neat to see a little web shooting out from the Pop’s hand. Also, the Pop itself is very similar in form to the Leaping Deadpool Pop from the MCC February 2016 Deadpool box. The Avengers, Secret Wars, and Civil War boxes give you hope for two Pops in a box, but that’s not the case with Spider-Man.

The next big item instead of a second Pop is a Spider-man from the Funko Fabrikations lines. Fabrikations offer a similar design style as Pops, but in a bigger form factor with a plush outside. The Spider-Man version definitely has design appeal for a shelf, but Fabrikations are hit or miss with collectors as there’s nothing particularly distinct about them. Funko’s best boxes have included two pops and a shirt, and their worst boxes included an odd different Funko line instead of a second Pop and no shirt. Sadly, the Spider-Man box falls into the latter category with the Pop Top Spider-Man hat, instead of a T-shirt. Like the Smuggler’s Bounty Jabba’s Palace box, the hat inclusion is a definite oddity. Less people wear hats than shirts, and hats allow for less design style than shirts. This particular Spider-Man hat is as generic as can be, with an odd great color choice. As in all of the MCC boxes, a comic, patch, and pin round out the box. All three aren’t box highlights, but they’re always nice to have and look good with the Spider-Man theme.

Spider-Man is one of Marvel’s most prolific Pop lines with variations that include Iron Spider, Black Suit Spider-Man, Spider-Man 2099, as well as bad guys including Green Goblin, Venom, Anti-Venom, Carnage, Doc Ock, and more. The Spider-Man box has a ton of potential, and that makes it that much more disappointing. It makes sense for Funko to try and test out their other lines in these subscriptions, but they still need to understand many of their paying customers pay based on the past successful boxes with two pops and a shirt. Also, Funko included the Hobgoblin pop in the Year One anniversary special edition box, but the Hobgoblin is just a different paint job on their Green Goblin pop. It seems that originally Funko planned for action pose Spider-Man and Hobgoblin in the Spider-Man box, but came up with the $125 Year One box, and the $25 Spider-Man monthly box suffered because of that decision. That’s just speculation, but mugs, Fabrikations, and hats aren’t going to satisfy those looking for Pops and shirts. Funko has set a standard for their customers to expect, and changing that up a year down the road just doesn’t fit with the customer base they have built up.

The Marvel Collector Crops Spider-Man box is one of the Funko’s more disappointing MCC boxes and is one to skip.

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Star Wars Smuggler’s Bounty Unboxing Video: July 2016 Jabba’s Palace Theme

Monthly mystery boxes with pop culture connections are becoming more and more prevalent. A number of them include Funko Pops as one of the included items, and Funko has leveraged that to make their own monthly subscription boxes. They have three monthly boxes with Marvel Collector Corps, Star Wars Smuggler’s Bounty, and DC Legion of Collectors. Each box offers a bi-monthly subscription that retails for $25 plus $6.95 shipping. The Star Wars Smuggler’s Bounty July 2016 theme is Jabba’s Palace, and here is all that’s included.

Star Wars Smuggler’s Bounty ($25/bi-monthly + shipping)

Every Smuggler’s Bounty box includes various Funko lines, and not just Funko Pops, though the exclusive Pops are the highlight. The July 2016 Pop is R2-D2 bartender from Jabba’s sail barge. The R2 pop isn’t technically even from Jabba’s Palace, but it does deliver a really neat mold. There are a lot of details in the drink tray apparatus to accent the nature of R2 in Pop form. The disappointment isn’t in the R2 Pop, but rather than there is only one pop, rather than two. The Bounty Hunters, Cantina, and First Order boxes all featured two Pops, and were well worth the price. Also, the Jabba’s Palace theme makes you think of Han in Carbonite or Lando in Disguise, but neither were included.

Beyond the Pop, this month’s box included a C-3PO themed hat as part of the new Funko Pop Tops line. It seems the hat was included rather than the expected T-shirt further increasing the disappointment. For the main Jabba’s Palace item, it’s a Pop Home! Jabba mug that offers a neat design, but a rather awkward drinking cup. Finally, there’s a plush Boba Fett, which is another new line, this one Plush as compared to Funko’s existing Mopeez line. Each Funko box also features a pin and a patch with the ones in this box featuring Gamorrean Guard and Boushh, respectively.

The July 2016 Smuggler’s Bounty may be the worst from Funko yet because it fails on the promise of the theme, and offers an odd collection of items. Funko’s best boxes have featured two Pops and a T-shirt as shown by the Bounty Hunters, Cantina, and First Order themes. Jabba’s Palace offers a Cup and Plush in place of the second Pop and a hat instead of a T-shirt. The replacements in the formula of two pops and a shirt are substandard in comparison. Most people wear shirts rather than hats, and more people collect Pops than mugs and plushes, especially when signed up for a Funko product. It makes sense that Funko is experimenting with new lines, but the experimentation should be just one at a time in addition to two pops and a shirt, rather than three experimentations in one box.

Star Wars Smuggler’s Bounty Jabba’s Palace is not worth the $32 price tag, and is a negative on Funko’s track record that will likely lower subscribers of the next box in September.

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Nerd Block Unboxing Video: July 2016 Squad Theme

The Nerd Block July 2016 theme is Squad with connections to Suicide Squad, Ghostbusters, and more. We’re here to unbox all that’s included to show off the $20/month geek/gamer box for the new month. Our Nerd Block unboxing:

Nerd Block ($20/Recurring +shipping)

Nerd Block and Loot Crate are the two biggest names in the geek/gamer monthly subscription space, and go head to head each month. For July 2016, Nerd Block includes five main items beginning with a Joker Plush based on Suicide Squad. It’s an exclusive, though the design and texture aren’t the best of plush figures out there. Continuing the Suicide Squad theme is an exclusive Harley Quinn Funko Pocket Pop. Pocket Pops are keychain versions of Funko Pops, and the exclusive is a black and white variant of Harley Quinn. The Pocket Pop is a stand out in this box.

The highlight is probably the t-shirt, which is all about Zuul from Ghostbusters with the tagline, “There Is Only Zuul”. It’s another black shirt in these mystery boxes, but it’s a nice design for fans of the original Ghostbusters. The shirt theme is extended thanks to the $10 Shirt Punch credit that is included in every Nerd Block. has three daily $10 shirts that fit in with the same themes as Nerd Block. A couple smaller items are included in this month’s Nerd Block. The first is Attack on Titan blind bag, which gives you a mystery chance at a keychain/backpack hanger figurine. To round it out, there’s a Transformers Autobot pin, and it’s another exclusive.

Our unboxing video includes a few additional items as part of a Welcome Box, as this was our first time subscribing to Nerd Block. The items were simply added in to the main Nerd Block box beginning with a Titans figure two pack from Alien. The 2 pack includes blood splattered Alien alongside Ripley in Titan forms, and the 2 pack is a Nerd Block exclusive. Titan figures aren’t quite Funko Pops, but they have their own appealing design aesthetic that’s great to have. The next item is a Super Mario Bros. magnet set allowing you to make your own Mario levels on your fridge complete with bricks, pipes, goombas, and more. Finally, there’s a postcard booklet of Awkward Family photos, like a daughter kicking a soccer ball into her dad’s groin. There are 35 postcards included, and it’s a fun little bonus.

Nerd Block July 2016 delivers what you expect with these mystery boxes with a shirt, and a few collectible figurines. The choices definitely fit the theme, and are worth displaying/wearing. Nerd Block offers good value this month.

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Loot Crate Unboxing Video: July 2016 Futuristic Theme

The Loot Crate July 2016 theme is Futuristic with connections to Star Trek, Futurama, Rick and Morty, and more. We’re here to unbox all that’s included to show off the $20/month geek/gamer box for the new month. Our Loot Crate unboxing:

Loot Crate ($20/Recurring)

Loot Crate has had good months and bad months through the first half of 2016. The July 2016 box kicks off the second set of six monthly boxes for 2016 with a compelling theme of Futuristic. The items included definitely nail the theme beginning with a replica plaque of the USS Enterprise. It’s a sticker sheet that you can put on anything you like to give your item that feel of the flagship of the Federation from Star Trek. The Star Trek item is a bit of a let down though, as it could have been so much more. The next item is a Mega Man mystery box, though for LootCrate, it’s specifically the red variant of Mega Man. One small addition is the inclusion of a sealed comic of 4001 AD.

The highlight of the month is the Futurama item that delivers a Planet Express ship figurine by QMx. It’s a great representation that is definitely worth displaying, even if you’re only remotely interested in Futurama. The figure itself also includes a magnetic attachment to the base for a smooth connection. The final item is the monthly t-shirt, and this one is based on Rick and Morty. The shirt is a nice light blue that shows a diagram of Rick’s portal gun, and it looks like the entire shirt could be glow in the dark.

Loot Crate for July 2016 is a solid outing that offers a neat shirt and figurine, but the smaller items are a bit of a let down. It would have been neater to see a USS Enterprise figurine, and a Planet Express plaque.

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Infinity Crates Unboxing Video & Review: June 2016 Respawn Theme

Infinity Crates is a UK based monthly subscription service that services multiple countries including the US. It’s another geek & gamer box along the lines of Loot Crate and Super Geek Box, just UK based. Infinity Crates also personalizes some of the bigger items each month based on user preferences, and guarantees a T-Shirt and Funko Pop vinyl in each crate. We’re here to unbox the June 2016 Premium box with the theme Respawn. There are items connected to Mario, Deadpool, Captain America Civil War, and more.

Infinity Crates comes in two sizes with Classic and Premium, and all prices are in British Pounds. The Classic Crate is £16.99 plus £9 for shipping, which comes to $34.02 for the U.S. The Premium Crate is £23.99 plus the same shipping for $43.19 to the U.S.

We received the Premium Infinity Crates box, and it comes with a premium cost at $43.19 at the time of writing. We expected a premium box, and we were not disappointed. These subscription boxes can blend together a bit, but we still always look for a good shirt design and a Funko Pop in any given box. This month’s Infinity Crate delivered two t-shirts, and a Funko Pop with the second shirt mainly determining the premium designation.

The first t-shirt is of Deadpool with a playing card style design on a white backdrop that allows for Deadpool’s red suit to really stand out. The second shirt is Gandalf’s Eagles in school pride style. The Eagles in The Hobbit film are a bit humorous in their timing, and it’s a nice shirt to depict that sequence. It’s worth noting that both of these shirts shrunk a lot in the wash, so it’s best to get one size larger than you normally wear. The Funko Pop is current with the Captain America Civil War version of Bucky Barnes, the Winter Soldier. It’s a nice common Pop for any Marvel fan.

Beyond the big guaranteed items, there are some surprisingly great smaller items in this month’s crate. First off is a Deadpool plush that is bigger than the Mopeez brand, but with a similar design. There was also an Avengers Trivia card game included as a surprising bonus. The ultimate highlight for this Infinity Crate for me was the Mario cap. It’s a great stylized cap that is puffy just like Mario’s actual hat, as compared to a baseball cap. There’s a puff, and yet, the cap still includes an elastic band to fit snuggly on your head. It might be my favorite item that has appeared in any monthly subscription box.

The Infinity Crates June 2016 Premium box delivers true value for the price. It comes at a premium, but at least delivers a premium collection of items. You need to understand the premium price going in, but it is definitely is worth subscribing to if you take into account the cost going in.

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Super Geek Box Unboxing Video & Review: June 2016 Villains Theme

The Super Geek June 2016 theme is Villains with connections to Star Wars, Zelda, Mario, and more. We’re here to unbox all that’s included to show off the $20/month geek/gamer box for the new month. Our Super Geek Box unboxing:

Super Geek Box ($19.92/Recurring)*
*We included our referral link, so we can keep bringing you these unboxing videos. Use code SUPER for $3 off your first month.

This is our first time unboxing Super Geek Box, so we weren’t sure what to expect beyond 5-8 items tied to the theme. The June 2016 theme is villains, and the definite stand out is the t-shirt. It presents a mash-up of Zelda and Star Wars, entitled, “Welcome To The Dark Side”. Link is seen carrying a red lightsaber in the foreground with Darth Vader’s silhouette in the background combined with the Death Star and TIE fighters. This might be my favorite shirt that has come in any subscription box with great artwork, mash-up idea, and theme appeal.

Beyond the shirt, there are five additional small items, each with their own neat aspect. The Funko Mopeez could have been one of six with either Joker, Herley Quinn, or one of four colored Deadpools. We got the grey Deadpool plushie, that has a nice bean bag base to sit upright by itself. Then, there’s the TR8R draw string canvas bag that combines the FN-2187 blood streak stormtrooper helmet with Dry Bones from the Mario universe. Speaking of Mario, there’s also a Chomp Chomp keychain, and who doesn’t love Chomp Chomp. One other small item is a Harley Queen playing card styled sticker. Finally, there’s a canvas minimalistic wallet that folds in half, and comes with Meowth from Pokemon.

The June 2016 Super Geek Box delivers a great collection of items that definitely offers the stated value, and is well worth the $20 price tag.

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